Winter Date Ideas You Need To Try

Shaking up date night can be frustrating once winter hits in full force. With the cold and unpredictable weather, it’s much easier to settle down on the couch with your boyfriend or girlfriend and start an all day movie marathon than to plan a fun date out.

Sooner or later though, boredom is bound to set in and you’ll find yourself longing for warmer days when it’s much easier to fit some romance into your life.

So when you and your partner find yourself in a dating rut, consider these fun ideas for a winter date.

Winter Date Ideas

1. Hit the slopes

If either you or your boyfriend enjoy winter sports, make a date out of it! Even if only one of you has the skills on the slopes, you can have some fun teaching your partner and sharing something you love with them!

For those of us who have yet to learn how to ski or snowboard or really have no interest in doing so, your nearby ski resort should offer tubing sessions. My boyfriend and I went this past December and had a blast! Consider going tubing for a day and go out for coffee or warm pizza after!

2. Have a game night!

If the temps drop too low or the snow starts to fall, consider having a game night with your partner and some friends! Game night can be a fun way to shake up your normal routine and have some friendly competition.

Have everyone bring their favorite board games and give each a try! For even more fun on your date, make some yummy treats with your partner before the fun begins. Party foods like pigs-in-a-blanket and buffalo chicken dip are great and easy options!

3. Make some delicious treats!

Similarly, you and your beau can also take the time to make some yummy desserts for a winter date. Baking and eating a warm treat on a cold winter day can be a great way to beat the winter chill.

If baking is not your forte or you aren’t too big on sweets, consider making a new dish with your partner and set the table for a romantic dinner afterwards.

4. Go sledding.

For those winter and snow lovers alike, finding a good neighborhood hill and going sled riding can be great fun! Sled riding is also a great date idea for those of us on a budget. If you already own a sled there’s no cost involved!

Plus, you’ll both be so cold afterwards that it’s a great excuse to cuddle up on the couch with each other.

5. Make something!

My sister’s fiancée LOVES to build things. For a long time, he would surprise my sister with the cool things he made for her, but then they began to build things together. It was a great date idea for them and an interesting way to strengthen their bond as a couple. If you or your partner love to build things consider making a date (or two) out of it.

For those of us who aren’t very tool savvy, a low key night of crafting is also a great date idea. Consider looking for cool things on Pinterest that you could make together or set aside a night and paint something! You can also consider taking a painting or pottery class together. 


6. Explore the fun things your city has to offer.

During the winter months, it may seem like your city or town has a lot less to offer, but I promise you there’s just as much fun going on! Do some research and see if there are any winter festivals or witner light shows nearby. Hit up a museum you’ve always wanted to go to or consider walking through and exploring  a natural conservatory. You can also do a search for new restaurants you would like to try.

This past month, my boyfriend took me to a tea house in our city for a date one night. It was fun to experience something new with him and by going we learned about more places in the city we’re interested in trying for later dates! 


7. Attend a sporting event.

If you live near the city, attending your local sports teams games can be a fun way to shake up your winter dating routine (and bring a smile to your boyfriend’s face). While baseball is usually a good go-to for summer nights, there’s a fair share of events going on during the winter months too! Hockey games and basketball games are a great option for the chilly months. Explore your professional and amateur teams! Even attending a high school or college sporting event can be fun.


8. Take a day trip to somewhere new.

In addition to all the fun your city or town has to offer, it can be great sometimes to take a weekend and get away. If you have the option, go somewhere warmer for a nice, romantic weekend.   If that’s not an option, take a day trip to a nearby city for a fun date. Having a change of scenery in the cold, dreary winter months can be a great pick me up! Plus, think of all the fun you two will have exploring together!


So next time you and your partner are wondering what fun you could possibly have this winter, consider one of these ideas for a great winter date!


What do you and your partner like to do during winter? Leave a comment below?


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