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Why I Love My Cat

Years ago I was a proud cat mom. I owned three cats named Lily, Binx, and Leo and I swore to myself that I would never, ever be anything but a crazy cat lady.

Believe it or not, when I was younger I was afraid of dogs. They made me nervous and I was firm believer that they were just too much work. A few years later, my sister brought home a little pit mix named Ivy and my older sister adopted a golden named Cooper. These dogs changed my life forever. They taught me that it is entirely possible to be both a cat and a dog lover and that love for one does not diminish love for the other.

Being the owner of both dogs and cats has also taught me about the different ways that dogs and cats love us and the different ways that we love them.

I learned that it was much easier for me to earn my dog’s trust and affection while it had taken years for me to earn the trust of my cat. I also learned that while my dog loved constant companionship, my cat was much more aloof. Did that mean she loved me any less? Of course not. During the brief times my cat sought me out, I could see all the love of the world shining in her eyes.

Because I shared with you the ten reasons that I love my dog, it’s only fair and fitting that I also share with you the top ten reasons why I love my cat.

Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My Cat

1. She reminds me to be fierce (But to also be lovable).

Cats are amazing creatures because they are so independent. Cats are also  fierce hunters and you can see it when they hunt and when they play. But cats are also lovable, sweet creatures and they will shower their humans with so much love. I love my cat because she reminds me that sometimes its okay to be fierce and stand up for what I believe it, but that it’s also important to show the ones we love the most how much they mean to us.

2. She is adorable.

Cats are amazing tiny, balls of cuteness. My cat has the sweetest, big, yellow eyes and I can’t help but love how adorable she is.

3. She taught me how to relax.

With work, school, friends, family, and relationships life can be incredibly stressful. It’s easy to get caught up in all the day to day responsibilities and craziness and forget to relax.  For cats, it’s never difficult to settle down on a soft pillow and just be. My cat reminds me of the importance of taking time away from life and relaxing.

4. She makes me healthy.

Owning a pet is good for your health. Cats lower our risk of heart disease and their sweet purrs helps to heal our bones and muscles. Cats also reduce our stress and anxiety and help us to be happier human beings.

5. She has been with me through my darkest times.

I have owned my sweet cat since I was a young girl struggling through middle school. Lily has been with me through my worst experiences in high school and college and has been there to see me struggle with the transition into adulthood. These times may have been rough, but they were always made more bearable because I knew I had my loving girl to come home to.

6. She is silly.

Much like my dog, Bean, Lily is always good for a laugh. Let’s face it, cats are downright hilarious! From the funny little mews they make to the way they’re always knocking things off of counters and tables, cats are nature’s best comedians.

7. She gives me the sweetest kisses.

There is nothing in this world quite as special and beautiful as a soft kiss from my cat. It manages to put a smile on my face every time.

8. She is brave.

When I adopted my cat, she was already several years old. She was fearful and mistrusting of people. I’m not sure what happened to her in her past, but I know that she probably did not live in a loving home before her adoption. My cat has always been fearful, but I have seen her grow so much over the years. I have seen her grow to trust me and eventually my friends and my boyfriend. Every time I watch her take that step to approach a stranger, my love for her grows just a little more.

9. She always cuddles with me.

Whether the day is cold or warm, I can always count on my kitty snuggling up next to me or curling up on my pillow the moment I crawl into bed.

10. She loves me unconditionally.

Most importantly, my cat loves me no matter what. She loves me whether I am angry, happy, or sad and she loves me regardless of the mistakes I have made. Over the years her love for me has only grown. Love from an animal is the greatest gift of all and I am so thankful she gives that gift everyday.

Do you have a special kitty in your life? Why do you love them?


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