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What are the Zoomies and Why Does Your Dog Get Them?

Sometimes you dog is a ball full of cuddles. He’ll curl upon the couch with you, close those eyes, and sleep for hours. Other times you may find that your dog is a frenzied ball of energy.

You know what I’m talking about. He gets that wild look in his eyes, tucks his tail between his legs, and races through the house at full speed.

You may fondly refer to these hilarious episodes as the “zoomies.”And you’re right to laugh. There can be nothing more entertaining at the end of a long work day than to see your dog develop a full blown case of the zoomies.

But have you ever stopped to wonder just what the zoomies are and why your dog gets them?

What are the zoomies?

While we call these crazy outbursts the zoomies, animal behaviorists have a more scientific name for them. Animal behaviorists refer to these episodes as Frenetic Random Activity Periods or FRAPs. Any dog can fall victim to the Fraps, but it is more common in younger dogs.

So what causes the zoomies?

Your dog develops the zoomies as a result of a sudden increase in energy, but scientists and animal behaviorists still do not have a concrete answer as to why our dogs experience the zoomies.

  • Common causes for an increase in energy may be:
    • A lack of exercise
      A lack of mental stimulation
      Sudden excitement (you just came home or your dog meets a friendly stranger).
      Some activities may trigger it (our dog Ivy often gets the zoomies after a bath and after walks).

    So next time your dog experiences a case of the zoomies, feel free to laugh and know that this is perfectly normal and safe behavior for a dog. If your dog is frequently experiencing the zoomies or you believe his zoomies are due to stress, contact your vet or see an animal behaviorist for more information and some help!

    You can also check out this article from South Boston Animal Hospital for more information on the zoomies.

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