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Wag Your Tail: Learning to Appreciate the Simple Joys of Living

Everyday when I come home from work, Bean is sitting by the door, waiting for me. She has the happiest little smile on her face the moment she spots me and her tail begins to wag. Honestly, it seems like her tail is always wagging.

It wags on walks. It wags when she eats. It wags when she plays and even when she dreams.

Often times, I wonder what she’s thinking.

I constantly worry that my dog is unhappy, but truthfully I think my fears are unfounded.

Bean is happy and she finds joy in even the smallest of things.

To a dog, a hug or a kiss or an extra treat is a huge deal. A new toy or couch cuddles mean the world to her.

These things are the small and simple aspects of an everyday life, but my dog always manages to find joy in them.

Watching my dog live her life, I began to wonder why I struggled to find everyday joy the way that she did.

As humans, it almost feels as if we are hard wired to ignore the things that bring us happiness everyday. Instead, we spend our days seeking out novel, rare moments.

We find joy in a trip away from home. We find joy in a new promotion or winning the lottery or buying something new. But we hardly ever seem to appreciate what is right in front of us.

So I decided to challenge myself, and others, to think more like a dog and wag your tail.

So next time you feel as though you are having a bad day, stop and think about all the wonderful things that have happened to you that day.

Find joy and wonder in the smallest of gestures.

Enjoy the beauty of a sunrise.

Devour a good book.

Make the most of your commute to work.

Exchange a smile with a loved one.

Enjoy the beauty of the outside world as you take a walk.

Sit down to dinner with family.

Smile when you find that lucky penny on the street.

Cherish the time spent with a friend.

Love your life for what it is, for what it once was, and for what it can be.

Stop looking for those once in a life time moments and create moments of a lifetime instead.

Dare to dream, to smile, to laugh. Dare to live.

You only have one life to live. Make it the best that it can possibly be. Even on the darkest of days, remember to sit back and wag your tail.

I promise it will be a life worth living.

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