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Valentine’s Day With Bean

Happy Valentine’s day y’all! I hope your Valentine’s day is filled with much love and happiness and I hope that you get to spend your V-Day with your favorite sweetheart.

My own sweetheart and I have plans this weekend, so I get to spend the holiday at home with my pup (not that I’m complaining).

It’s been a rough couple of months for Bean with me staring a new job and dating someone new (working full time I’ve been home a lot less, so we don’t get to spend as much time together)

Bean is excited
Bean was so excited to spend some quality mother-dogger time!

So this Valentine’s day I wanted to be sure to do something special for my best friend. She loves me so much that I wanted to be sure to show her how much I love and appreciate her as well. I also wanted to be sure to spend some quality time with her.

While she might not understand that this day is any different, I know how much it means to me to be sure to show those I care about the most that I love them.

As part of my Valentine’s Day appreciation for my pup, I decided to make a special cake for Bean. Bean definitely has a sweet tooth (she loves to lick up the remnants of my vanilla ice cream during the warm Summer months and she has a penchant for getting into the cookie jar on her own) so a cake was the perfect treat for her.

As I have never baked a dog cake from scratch, I scoured Pinterest for some dog friendly cake recipes and came across this one from The Cozy Cook.

I was a real fan of this one because it includes lots of yummy peanut butter (one of Bean’s favorites) and carrots as well (gotta throw in a healthy treat somehow). I’ll admit I even tried a bite and it wasn’t half bad!

To be even more festive, I baked her little treats in a heart shaped cake pan I found in the dollar section at the front of Target. It came out super cute!

The cake came out so cute in these heart shaped pans from Target!

I was also was able to find this quick and easy recipe from HGTV for dog safe icing to add a special touch to her cake.

Dog eating cake
Bean loved her heart shaped Valentine’s Day treat!

Dog eating cake

Ivy clearly loved her cake too!

In addition to baking Bean her own special Valentine’s day treat, I also popped by my local pet store and purchased a couple of bully sticks.

Bully sticks are definitely Bean’s favorite treat. I always make sure to get the odor free ones because they are easier on her stomach and the smell is easier on me.

Bean chewing Bully Stick
Bean loves to chew on bully sticks!

For our last Valentine’s day treat, I took Bean out for a ride around the neighborhood. Bean LOVES going for rides in the car with me. She’ll settle down in the passenger seat and stare out the window for the whole ride.

She is never more content than when I am driving around and so I’ve found it’s a great way for us to bond. I couldn’t not take her for a ride this holiday. Plus I always get thanked with plenty of kisses and tail wags afterwards.

So there you have it! Bean and I had a great, love filled Valentine’s day this year and I hope you and your furkid had a wonderful day filled with kisses and tail wags. Happy Valentine’s day y’all.

Xoxo Rachel and Bean

Do you do anything special to celebrate Valentine’s day with your dog or cat? Leave a comment below ?


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