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Valentine’s Day Gifts For Dog Moms

Valentine’s day can be a tricky holiday to shop for gifts for those you love the most! On one hand, its super simple and tempting to stop by your nearest Hallmark, pick out a card, throw in a teddy bear and some flowers and call it a day. But on the other hand, you know deep down that you really want to impress your sweetheart with a heart-felt gift that really shows that you care and listen (we all know how difficult this can be!) Finding that perfect gift that really says I love you! can really be a chore!

But if this year your sweetheart happens to be a dog mom, finding that perfect gift for her doesn’t have to be so difficult anymore.

As a fellow dog mom, I can attest to just how important my dog is to me. My dog brings me more happiness and laughter than most of the humans in my life and she is a major part of who I am. My dog and I spend hours, days, and entire weekends together sometimes. My dog is more than just a dog to me. She is my walking partner, my best friend, my shoulder to cry on. Without her, my life would be incomplete and I’m definitely not the only dog mom out there to feel that way.

My living spaces at home are a testament to the way that I feel about my dog too. There are pictures of her scattered throughout the house along with doggie throw pillows and other cute dog themed decorations. (Check out this wall decoration from SignsByAllSeasons on Etsy).

Because of my dog obsession, those who know me best know that one of the easiest ways to put a smile on my face is to help to add to my collection of dog-themed collectibles and trinkets. For my birthday and for each Christmas, there is at least one dog-themed gift waiting for me beneath all that colorful paper.

Knowing all too well that I am not the only dog mom who appreciates a well thought out gift (with floppy ears, wagging tail and all) I have put together a Valentine’s day gift buying guide for the dog mom in your life. Hopefully, this guide will help to give you some ideas on how to bring a smile to your favorite dog mom’s face (and hopefully earn a kiss in return). Happy Valentine’s Day and happy shopping!

What is your favorite go-to gift for your Valentine’s day sweetheart? Leave a comment below ?


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