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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Cat Ladies

Hey y’all, in case you forget valentine’s day is quickly approaching (only two days left to find that perfect gift). If you haven’t already found that perfect gift for your sweetheart you better get shopping. Last week, we shared with our readers a Valentine’s Day gift buying guide for Dog Moms (check it out if you haven’t already given it a look). So this week it only makes sense that we also share our gift-buying guide for the crazy cat lady in your life.

Along with our three dogs, my home is also home to five lovable cats.While I do consider myself a crazy dog mom, I also consider myself a Crazy Cat Lady as well. Just as I love to indulge myself with the cutest and latest dog finds at my favorite stores, I am also always on the hunt for cat lady finds.

Right now, it’s all the rage to be a crazy cat lady and its super easy to find a ton of cute and affordable bobbles for the cat lady in your life. (Marshalls, Etsy, your local boutiques, and even stores like Target and Walmart are full of cat lady finds). You can even purchase a month;y subscription box just for cat ladies called the Cat Lady Box.

So if your sweetheart is a crazy cat lady, check out my gift buying guide for cat ladies below and get shopping!

What are your favorite cat lady finds? Leave a picture or comment below! ?

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