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Two Reasons to Incorporate Kefir or Raw Goat’s Milk in Your Dog’s Diet

When I first started to really get into dog nutrition, one of the things I noticed was just how much people touted the benefits of feeding their dogs a raw diet. As much as I wanted to be able to feed Bean this way, I knew that it just wouldn’t work for my lifestyle and my budget. And let’s be real here-as much as we would all probably like to be able to feed our dogs the creme-de-la-creme of dog food, for some of us it just isn’t feasible.

But because I still wanted to maximize my dog’s nutrition on my budget and limited time schedule, I started to explore other ways that I could incorporate aspects of a raw diet into her own high quality kibble diet. From conversations with my sister, other pet owners, and research on the interest, some of the first things I came across were raw goat’s milk and cow kefir.

I decided to give the goat’s milk a try first and was pleasantly surprised to discover that my dogs absolutely LOVED it. When I made the eventual switch to the kefir, I found that they loved it just as much. Either way it was a win-win. My pets loved it and they were getting an awesome nutritionally dense treat with their regular kibble.

Now, I made the choice to feed the kefir to my dogs separately after they finish their kibble, but I also know plenty of people who pour it over their dog’s kibble to make it more enticing and there are also others who mix the goat’s milk or kefir with other tasty, nutritional treats. However you decide to feed it to your pup, you can’t go wrong.

My go to for raw goat’s milk and kefir products is Answers Pet Food Products. They have a whole line of products from raw food to raw treats and more. Answers Pet Food Products is a small company based in PA with a great mission. You can find where to purchase their products here.

Raw goat’s milk and cow kefir are truly beneficial and cost effective products for your pet and if your pets are anything like mine adding these products to their diet will change their life!

Here are my top two reasons to add raw goat’s milk or cow kefir to your dog’s diet:

1. It aids in digestion.

According to Answer’s Pet Food, because raw goat’s milk and cow kefir are fermented products they are full are B-vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. These products are also full of probiotics which help aid your pet’s natural digestive processes. These products can be a life saver for dogs with sensitive systems. For instance, my sister’s dog, Ivy, often struggles with upset stomach and digestive issues. Keeping her on the raw products helps keep her system under control. We have definitely noticed a reduction in flare ups since Ivy has began supplementing her diet with raw goat’s milk or cow kefir.

2. Helps reduce allergies and inflammation.

For the LONGEST time Bean had chronic yeast infections in her ears and between her paws. She would bite and lick at her paws until they were so red and raw that I could hardly stand to look at them. She was constantly scratching at her ears as well. If you have a dog with floppy ears, you may know all too well the pain of trying to combat stubborn yeast once those ears get good and warm and wet. We first tried switching Bean on to a grain free food to combat the yeast and we treated her ears with Zymox. However, the yeast would just keep coming back. Now that Bean is on the cow kefir, the itching, redness, and yeast is no longer a problem. I can thank the natural anti-inflammatory properties in the raw food that supplements her diet for that. It’s truly a life safer for dogs that suffer from the itchies just like Bean.

Raw goat’s milk and cow kefir have been called immune super foods for a reason. Not sold yet? Check out the dozens of other stories circling the internet about dogs just like Ivy and Bean whose lives have been changed by these awesome products. I swear to you they are worth their weight in gold.

Is there a product that you absolutely love for your pet? That has changed their lives? Leave a comment below!?


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