Tips To Save Money At Target From A Former Employee

If you’re just like me then you LOVE to shop at Target. But if you’re also like me then you also spend way too much money every time you set foot inside one of its stores.

Target is know for its great finds, great prices, and the hard hit it often takes on the wallet of its shoppers. So how can we manage to save as much money as possible in a store we love to shop at? After working at Target for over two years I picked up some tips and tricks for saving as much money as possible and I’m here to share them with you so that you too can be a savvy Target shopper!

1. Get the Red Card Already!

If you don’t have the Red Card already you should! There’s a reason that Target employees are ALWAYS asking shoppers if they have the card and it’s not just because the cashiers are told to. We WANT to see you save money as well. The great thing about the Target Red Card is that if you don’t want to open another credit card you can always open a Target Debit Card. It works just like your normal bank debit card but it always saves you the 5% on every purchase just as the credit card does. Target is also working to create more incentives and savings for card holders, just keep your eyes and ears out.

2. Cartwheel is your best friend!

If you have a smartphone you absolutely need to download the Target app, create an account, and start using Cartwheel. Cartwheel is Target’s digital savings program. Items throughout the store will periodically go on sale for 5, 10, 20% off or more. During peak shopping times such as the holidays, items can be as much as 50% off. Over time your savings you really add up. I always check cartwheel when I shop and can usually find at least some of my cart’s items are on sale.

3. Talk to the employees.

As I mentioned before, most of the employees at Target want to help you and save you money. Saving customers money helps to drive customer loyal and keep you returning to the store. Sometimes the employees are aware of sales that you may not be or can give you some tips and tricks on how to save. At the very least they can point you in the right direction or point out a quality, money saving product. It’s always worth it the talk to the employees if you have a question about a product.

4. Check the Ads.

If you weren’t already aware Target releases a new advertisement with its weekly sales and deals every Sunday. You can find the ad posted online. Before going on a shopping trip, it’s always worth giving the ad a quick look to see if anything you planned on shopping for is on sale that week or if anything you planned on waiting on for another week is on sale that week, you may decide to purchase it this week instead to save yourself some money.

5. Check the sales and gift card deals.

Another great thing about Target is that the store often has sales deals that offers guests incentives for purchasing a certain amount of a product. Target will often have sales where guests will receive a $5 or $10 if they purchase a certain number of products. If you are in need of these products or are looking to buy in bulk consider taking advantage of these deals and using these gift cards to save on future purchases at the store.

6. Always check the clearance racks and shelves.

Target is always updating and adding merchandise to their clearance racks and shelves. Every time I make a trip to Target I always check the clearance sections of the store. I often find really great merchandise there. Many of the items that people return also end up there. Items can be 30, 50, 70, or even 90% off. You can often find items that are great alternatives to the full priced products.

7. Always shop with a list in mind.

One of the most common comments I heard while working at Target from guests was that they ALWAYS spent more money than they planned on spending when they came to Target. It’s easy because there are so many cute and interesting things at the store and they are always updating the merchandise and bringing out new things. The easiest way to combat this is to always shop with a list in mind. Every time you know you have to come to Target create a shopping list with your necessities. You will be less tempted to make impulse purchases that way.

Hopefully following these tips will help you save and be a savvy shopper next time you shop at Target!

How do you like to save money when shopping? Drop a comment below! ?


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