Tips For Brightening Up Your Desk At Work

Unfortunately, a simple fact of the modern world is that most of us spend the majority of our waking hours at work. For many of us, we sit within the boring, grey confines of a 4×4 cubicle for most of the day. Within our grey world there’s little sunshine and only small windows to the brilliant world outside. It’s just you and your computer screen for most of the day.

So how can you make work more bearable?

You could always try brightening up your desk with some decorations and personalization. Of course, some work places have rules and restrictions about what or how much you can put on your desk, so only a few of these ideas may work for you.

At any rate, it’s always a good idea to bring some things to work that make you happy, that brighten up your world, or perhaps bring in a little piece of nature.

So next time you stop by the store, consider buying a few knick knacks for your desk! Here are some good ideas to start:

1. Bring in the outside world with some plants.

Sitting inside all day we miss out on the beauty of the outside world. We may not be able to lounge in the sun under the trees all day, but you can always bring a bit of nature inside with you.

If you’re good with plants or sit near a window you can always consider bringing in some real plants. Low maintenance succulents are a good idea.

For those of us who sorely lack a green thumb, it may be a good idea to bring in a fake plant in a colorful pot. The flowers may not be real, but they are just as bright and beautiful.

2. Light it up!

Another way to bring some light to your dreary desk is by lighting it up with a short strand of string lights or with a strand of battery operated lights. Not only are they pretty, but they can help to brighten up a dark space.

3. Set your computer background to something (or someone) you love!

It’s hard to spend most of the day staring at a computer screen, but it’s makes it a little more bearable when you open up your screen each day to see a picture of your favorite place, person, or your favorite pet.

My dog is currently my background at work and it always manages to put a smile on my face when I see her on the screen instead of the generic, blue screen saver on any old work computer.

4. Bring a comfy throw!

A lot of our office spaces these days are FREEZING, so bringing in a colorful throw will add some much needed color to your space and keep you warm too!

It will also help to make your drab work environment more homey.

5. Use a colorful mug for pens and other supplies.

Instead of your standard, run-of-the-mill cup for your pens and pencils, try using your favorite mug to store your essentials at work. It can be colorful, funny, or personalized just for you. Either way it’s a cute and functional accessory.

6. Set out pictures of your loved ones.

Another way to bring some light and life to your desk at work is by displaying your favorite photos! You can display them in a cute picture frame or tack up a series of little Polaroids! Either way it will bring a smile to your face each time you look up and see your favorite people smiling back.

Hopefully after reading these tips and tricks for brightening up your work day you too will be inspired to bring a little bit of you to work and make your space your own!

What kind of decorations do you use at work? Leave a comment below!


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