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Fourth of July Safety for Dogs

The 4th of July is a HUGE picnic holiday for families. As pet moms and dads know, picnics pose a unique set of challenges for our pups. So how does the loving pet parent keep their fur-kid as part of the fun in a way that is safe and healthy for them as well?

After all, we went to enjoy our holiday in the best way possible!

1. Create a comfortable area for your pet out of the sun.

If you are going to be outside in the hot, summer sun all day it’s important that you keep your dog comfortable too. You know that you can only handle so much sun, heat, and humidity….now imagine walking around with a fur coat on! Pack an umbrella or tarp with you or find a cool, shaded area wherever you are where your pet can relax during your picnic. For those hours in the sun, it’s also important to keep your pet’s skin protected with sun screen. They can burn just like we can and as important, loving family members it’s vital to protect them from the sun’s harmful rays just like you would yourself or your children. Consider purchasing Petlink’s Doggy Sun Mist on I have used this product before and loved it!

2. Provide your pet with plenty of water.

Just as it is important to keep your pups comfortable in the shade, if you feel your pets are becoming overheated or parched, it is important to make sure they are drinking plenty of water throughout the day, especially if they are running around and being active.

3. Avoid the urge to slip your pup those yummy table scraps.

I know those adorable little puppy eyes are cute! Trust me, I have given in to them more times than I would like to admit, but I also promise you that they will survive without that bite of burger or cake or whatever other delicious treat they have set those soulful eyes on. Keep your pet safe this holiday and avoid the temptation to feed them your picnic food. Many picnic foods are filled with ingredients that are harmful to Fido. Just think of all the dishes alone that contain onions-a toxic gold mine to dogs! (Eating onions can cause the red blood cells in a dog’s body to burst).  Many of us enjoy our hot dogs and burgers with onions, while baked beans and many other salad dishes also contain the harmful ingredient. In addition, the ingestion of too much hot dog at once (or any high fat food) can cause acute pancreatitis in dogs while many dessert dishes may contain xylitol or chocolate, two other toxic ingreients to dogs.

Spare your pup this holiday and instead pack with you their own dog food! If you are really feeling like spoiling Fido, bake and pack with you your own dog safe treats or desserts. There are thousands and thousands of recipes online to choose from nowadays for even the pickiest of pups!

4. Bring some fun outdoor toys to keep them busy.

While there are plenty of picnic activities for you and your family there are not many for Fido. In order to keep your pet busy and entertained bring along some fun outdoor toys for you dog to play with. If your dog likes to swim and there’s a pool be sure to bring some water safe toys. Balls, frisbees, and any other fetch toys are all good options. You may also want to consider bringing something for you pup to chew on such as a chew toy or a bone!

The Fourth of July should be a holiday filled with fun for both you and your pets. As any pet parent knows, our four legged friends bring more joy than we could ever put into words into our lives. However, they also force us to sit back and make special considerations for their wellbeing when it comes to special days like the holidays.

If you follow these tips you will be able to keep you pets safe, happy, and healthy this holiday while also ensuring an enjoyable, worry free time for yourself and your family! If you stay tuned to my blog you will also see a post soon with firework safety tips dogs!

Happy Fourth of July!

How do you and your fur-friend celebrate the holiday? Drop a comment below to share 🙂

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