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The Joys and Woes of Dog Motherhood

Being a pet parent to five cats and three dogs can be an amazing experience. But truthfully, pet parenting can have its moments.

Some days are truly beautiful. My dogs and cats bring so much happiness and love into our home and though it can get crazy sometimes, these days make it all worth it.

These are the days that Bean manages to learn a new command or she does exceptionally well on a walk or makes a new friend. These are the days that my cats do something so cute that I can’t help but to count my lucky stars that I have them.

But on some days, pet ownership can really take its toll. These are the days full of messes. The days when my crazy cats break something that I cherish or the days when it seems like every one of my pets is sick. These days make you flop into bed at the end of the night and think “what have I gotten myself into?”

Pet ownership can be messy. It can be terrifying. It can be financially and emotionally draining. But at the end of the day, it’s all worth it when you look into the eyes of the pets you love the most and see all that love and more shining back.

I can’t help but to think back on my days of pet parenting and reflect on the moments that have both made me and broken me as a cat and dog mom.

So in honor of all the other pet moms out there, I have compiled a list of the biggest joys and sorrows of pet parenting.

The Joys

1. Knowing that you have given this animal a forever home.

It’s such a rewarding experience and it fills you with so much joy to see your dog or cat finally settle into your home and realize that they will always be safe here. That someone will always love them. That they are home.

2. Introducing your pet to someone new.

It’s always a great feeling to show off your pet and have someone else remark on how cute, amazing, and wonderful your dog or cat is. It’s so fun to have them make or meet new friends and to brag about them to your co-workers. It’s even more amazing when they agree.

3. Always having someone there for you.

Your pets will stick with you through thick and thin. Your dog or cat doesn’t care about how much money you made, if you were fired or failed a test, or any of the other mistakes you make. They love you for you. No matter what. And because they love you so much they’ll be there for you through it all. They’ll be there when you cry, when you laugh, and when you just can’t help but scream.

4. The kisses and the cuteness.

They’re so adorable. Especially when they’re showering you with kisses after a long day of work. They’re so cute actually that they’re probably half of the camera roll on your phone, right?

5. They teach you a lot about yourself and life.

I learned more about myself and what I wanted out of life from owning pets than I have from anything else. Being a pet parent has taught me the importance of love and of having and doing things in life that make you happy. Owning pets has taught me that I am more than what career I have and how much money I make. Lastly, owning pets has taught me valuable skills in life. Being a dog mom has taught me about the importance of my responsibilities along with skills like time management and organization.

The Woes of Pet Parenting

1. Making sacrifices.

Sometimes owning pets means that you have to make a lot of sacrifices. I can’t always go out with my friends and boyfriend because I know that my pet needs my care and attention and that they deserve to spend quality time with me too.

Owning pets also means that you can’t drop everything on a dime and just disappear for a vacation for a few days. You have to plan and look for a pet sitter or boarding facility to ensure your pets are being taken care of. When it comes to moving out you also may have a trickier time finding an apartment as many places have rules and restrictions on owning pets.

2. Pets can be a financial burden.

Dogs and cats can be really expensive. I mean REALLY expensive. The cost of dog and cat food, litter, toys, and treats can add up really fast. And don’t forget about those expensive vet bills when your dog gets sick or needs his annual check up. Say goodbye to your paycheck.

3. Not everyone loves your pet as much as you do.

Sometimes being around people who don’t like your pet or don’t like animals in general can be a real drag.

4. You’re more aware of animal suffering.

I have a special soft spot in my heart for animals and so when I see a stray cat or dog, see animals who have been waiting in shelter for a long time, or see animals that are going to be put down it breaks my heart.

Because I own and love my dogs and cats, I am more in tune with the suffering of animals than those who don’t and its earth shattering to realize just how much of it there is in the world.

5. You know they wont be here forever.

We love our pets so much and so we wish they could always be around. It’s heart breaking to know that one day my dogs and cats won’t be around anymore. It’s hard to imagine my life and world without them.


What about pet ownership makes you happiest? What do you think is the hardest part of owning pets? Leave a comment below ?


  • Chantelle Jean

    Everything you have written really resonated with me, mainly because I have lived and am living both the joys and the woes of owning a dog.

    Many people think that buying a dog means a loyal companion who will bring immense joy and comfort to the household, and for the most part that is what dog ownership is like. However, there are also the woes that not everyone expects.

    I think the most important woe that you mentioned was the out-of-pocket cost of owning an animal.
    My own personal experience with my dog, Ollie, being diagnosed with hip and elbow dysplasia is a testament to this woe in particular. I had the option of either putting him to sleep or to pay for three very expensive surgeries to improve his life. I chose the surgery route. For others though, the cost of a surgery would not have been an option and this is why it is very important that anyone considering a dog must know that it is not always sunshine and rainbows.

    It is hard work, sacrifice and sometimes what feels like endless amounts of money. But, at the end of the day, it is all worth it, because true love is four paws and a wet nose.

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