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Summer Fun For Dog Moms

Summer is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons! I love the warmer temperatures and the longer days. Summer also means my annual family trip to the coast and it means that it’s time for me to bring out my kayak and go hiking with my friends and family.

Whatever you like to do, summer is full of fun activities for everyone. From festivals to concerts and more, there is never a shortage of fun. So this summer, let down your hair, slip on some flip flops, and consider these ten ideas for summer fun for dog moms.

Summer Fun For Dog Moms:

1. Take a day trip to the beach or a nearby lake.

For dog moms who can’t get enough of the sun and surf, take a day trip to the neartest beach with your friends. If the beach is dog friendly, bring along your pup. If you don’t live within a few hours of the coast, take a trip to a nearby lake and spend the day swimming, kayaking, or canoeing with friends.

2. Visit local festivals.

There are bound to be a tons of food, craft, and beer festivals in your nearest city or town this summer. Try something new and check them out. You may discover a new love or favorite food.

3. Visit your nearest zoo.

If you’re  a dog mom, chances are that you are an avid animal lover in general. This summer, take a trip down to the zoo and admire all that nature has to offer. If your zoo offers special feedings, training sessions, or one on ones with the animals consider shelling out the extra cash for the experience

4. Attend a concert.

If you’re a big music lover, summer is the perfect time for concerts. Check out the events calendar at your local park and see if there are any small bands that peak your interest. If you live near a city, the city’s stadium or events center will certainly have a ton of events and concerts scheduled. Try something new or attend the concert of one of your favorite musicians.

5. Have a night out at your nearest outdoor bar.

If you’re looking for some great food and thirsting for a yummy fruity cocktail, hop down to the nearest outdoor bar and enjoy the warm summer nights with friends. Some bars with outdoor patios will allow your dog to come along. Just make sure your dog is comfortable around crowds and bring along some food, water, and toys and treats to keep your dog occupied.

6. Spend a day poolside.

Some days it’s just so hot that you don’t feel like doing much of anything. If you, your friends, or your neighbor have a pool, spend a lazy day poolside. Throw together some yummy drinks and some pool side snacks and spend the day floating on the cool waters. Bonus points if your dog loves to swim-you can bring him with you!

7. Go hiking.

For dog moms who love the great outdoors or are looking for a great way to get in some exercise, hiking is the perfect summer activity. Bring along some friends or your family and hit the trails. Hiking is also a great activity for dog mom bonding with your dog. Your pup will appreciate getting to be outside and all that great exercise. Just make sure your dog is protected from fleas and ticks and apply sunscreen to minimize the risk of a burn.

8. Have a cookout or barbecue.

Hosting a barbecue is a fun and cheap way to spend some quality time with family and friends and you can even have your dog tag a long for the fun. Throw some ribs, hot dogs, or hamburgers on the grill, have each of your guests bring a delicious summer dish, and soak up the sun.

9. Visit a brewery or winery.

Summer is the perfect time to visit the local breweries and wineries you’ve been eyeing up for the rest of the year. Bring along some friends and try new and delicious drinks. The best part is that some breweries are even dog friendly!

10. Shop at your nearest outlet mall.

If you need to do some much needed shopping for summer accessories or you are on the hunt for some cute boutiques, check out your nearest outlet mall and plan a day of shopping with the girls. Outlet malls are filled with tons of cute finds and you’ll still be able to enjoy some summer fun as you walk between the shops.

Whether you bring along your dog or not, have fun this summer and be safe!

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