Summer Date Ideas You Need to Try

With warmer temperatures and sunny skies just around the corner, I’m sure we’re all ready for some summer fun. Most of us probably already have awesome plans with our families and friends, but have you stopped to make some plans for your love life?

Summer is the perfect time of the year to go out on dates, make new connections, or perhaps kindle a new flame. If you already have your perfect partner, don’t fret! Summer means the freedom to try new things and have new adventures with the one you love best.

Next time you’re planning date night check out these awesome summer date ideas:

1. Have a picnic.

Pack your favorite foods and head to your local park to enjoy an outdoor lunch.

2. Visit an amusement park.

If you and your partner are both thrill seekers, spend one day riding the fastest and tallest rollercoasters at your local amusement park.

3. Go hiking.

Hitting the nearest trails is a great way to spend quality time with your partner and get some much needed exercise.

4. Try a water sport.

Set aside a day and book a fun excursion out on the water. Give boating or jet skiing a try or rent some kayaks for a day out on the water.

5. Visit the zoo.

If you love animals visit your local zoo and learn more about all the amazing species of the world with the one you love best!

6. Take a day trip to the beach, lake, or local swimming spot.

Spend some quality time with your partner and head out to the water. Make it a romantic getaway by booking a weekend trip just for you two.

7. Go stargazing.

It’s SO romantic. Enough said.

8. Visit a local outdoor bar.

Ditch the air conditioning and find a bar where you can relax and sip your favorite drinks under the stars.

9. Go to a food or music festival.

Research the local food and music festivals in your city or town and pick one to explore. Try new foods, listen to some great music, and enjoy the day with your favorite person.

10. Enjoy an outdoor concert.

If you and your beau both love music and one of your favorite bands is in town, buy a pair of tickets and spend a night under the stars listening to some of your favorite songs.

11. Ride bikes.

Use the warm, summer temps as an excuse to get outside and get some much needed exercise. It’s a date and a workout!

12. Go mini-golfing.

Bonus points if you stop for ice cream afterwards. Loser’s treat of course.

13. Go fishing.

If you love to spend time outdoors, pack up a lunch and drive to your local fishing spot. If you catch anything you can keep, use it to make a fresh fish dinner your beloved will adore.

14. Attend a baseball game.

Baseball season is in full force during the summer months. If you and your date love to watch a good game, buy some tickets and watch your favorite local or professional baseball team play. Bonus points if you grab dinner or a drink before the game.

15. Go to a drive in movie.

Because the nights are now warm, you can enjoy a movie outdoors. Pack up some snacks in your car and get cozy.

16. Go shopping at your local farmers market.

Visit the nearest farmer’s market and pick up some fresh fruit and vegetables. Later you and your beau can use your awesome finds to make a yummy lunch or dinner. Pack it up in a picnic basket and eat outdoors for even more fun.


What is your favorite summer date? Leave a comment below!

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