Stay Warm In Your Freezing Office

If your office is anything like mine then you spend most of your eight hour work day shivering and attempting to stay warm. It can be a miserable and brutal experience.

Women are much more likely to experience the deep freeze of the office. In fact, according to this article by The NY Times, “most office buildings set temperatures based on a decades-old formula that uses the metabolic rates of men.” The article goes on further to explain that women prefer a room temperature of about 75 degrees while men prefer a temperature closer to 70 degrees (which is closer to the average office temperature).

So until our offices change the algorithm and heat up the office a bit what can we do to stay warm?

How To Stay Warm Your Freezing Office

1. Bring in a throw blanket.

One of the easiest ways to combat the cold in your office is the bring in a throw. You can then drape it over your legs or shoulders when the temps become unbearable. Most of the women in my office have throws draped across their chairs during the day so that they can cuddle under it when they get cold.

2. Dress in layers.

As crazy as this sounds, on the particularly cold days, I layer up like I’m about to spend the entire day in the snow. When I layer, I wear long Johns and thermals under my work pants and blouse and wool socks. I also often wear a warm fashion scarf. It’s cute and functional. On the worst days, I will keep on a jacket or winter coat over my clothes. In addition, many of the women I work with have a sweater or cardigan that they always keep at work to layer over their clothes.

3. Invest in USB powered gloves or a heated mouse pad.

When your hands get really cold at work you might be tempted to put on your winter clothes, but traditional gloves or mittens can be uncomfortable and cumbersome and they make typing hard.
Another way to keep warm would be to invest in a pair of USB powered fingerless gloves or this heated mouse pad from Amazon.

4. Buy a small space heater or heated blanket.

If you work in an office that permits space heaters or heated blankets, these little gadgets might be the best way to keep warm. Consider the Vornado AVH2 which has great reviews.

5. Drink a hot drink.

When I get really cold at work I will take my favorite office mug and heat up some tea in the microwave. Sipping on the hot tea helps me to feel a little bit warmer and holding the mug keeps my hands warm.

6. Go for a walk.

A great way to warm up is to get moving! Getting your blood pumping will help to raise your core temperature and fight off the worst of the chills.

7. Sit outside or in your warm car.

If it’s warmer outside than in your office, it might be in your best interest to step outside and soak in the warmth and heat from the sun’s rays.

Hopefully, your office isn’t too cold, but if you have to suffer in a freezing office every day these tips and tricks should help to ward off the worst of the cold!

Is your office cold? How do you keep warm? Leave a comment below ?


  • Sophie Harriet

    These are great tips, I don’t work in an office but I am one of those people who is constantly cold! I have never heard of USB heated gloves before – what a genius idea! I may have to invest in a pair of those for when I am working on my laptop, as I always have cold hands!

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