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Spring Cleaning For Dog Moms

Now that spring has arrived, it’s time to get organized, declutter that winter mess, and prepare yourself for the joys and warmth of the summer months.

For many of us, a deep spring cleaning is part of our routine each year when the snow begins to melt and the temps begin to rise.

For instance, part of my spring cleaning routine involves going through my closet and getting rid of any old or worn clothes. I also give my bedroom a deep clean each year (including a deep dusting and a floor scrub).

But for dog moms and dads, a thorough spring clean may involve more than just dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning the windows.

Dog moms and dads know all too well the additional mess that pet ownership entails. Pets come along with a host of messes including accidents, pet food spills, and muddy paw prints tracked through the house. Pets also bring a lot of additional clutter into our homes (think of all the toys, leashes, and pet treats lying around).

So this year as part of your spring cleaning, be sure to incorporate some of these additional steps to help to organize your pet supplies and have a home free from pet messes.

1. Find a cute basket or bin to organize your dog’s toys

If you can’t find a bin or storage unit to organize your dog’s toys then they are going to be all over the house, I promise. When searching for a bin or basket to store toys, make sure to look for one that matches the decor in your home and is big enough to fit all of your dog’s toys.

2. Invest in a good vacuum cleaner.

Accidents and messes are bound to happen when  you have dogs or cats. Food and litter get in the carpet and sometimes your pup or kitty may get sick. When messes happen, it helps to already have a quality pet vacuum on hand such as the Dyson Ball Animal (This article from Prime Reviews has more options for great vacuums to consider). The vacuum will keep the mess from destroying your carpet and home and make clean up easier.

3. Invest in quality, pet safe cleaning products.

Having a set of quality, pet safe cleaning products on hand for messes is key when owning pets. Keep your products organized in a handy caddy and be sure to avoid products with bleach. You can check out this post by Rover for a list of pet safe products.

4. Find a cute bin for your dog’s food.

Having giant bags of dog food lying around is unsightly and it’s definitely not the best way to store your dog’s food. Putting your dog’s food in an airtight container not only keeps it fresh, but it makes it easier to scoop up into your dog’s bowl. Check out Marshall’s or TJ Maxx for cute dog food storage bins. I usually see a few each time I’m there. Alternatively, you can also check out for more functional containers.

5. Find a cute caddy for your dog’s medications and supplements.

In my own home, there are a TON of pet supplements and supplies lying around. When it comes time to give Bean her daily supplements or monthly medications, I often have to search through the kitchen to find just what I need.

To eliminate this, consider storing your pet’s medications in a caddy or devote a drawer just for your pet’s needs. Using drawer dividers will also help to keep it organized.

6. Use a caddy for grooming supplies.

Similarly, use a caddy for your dog’s grooming supplies (shampoo, conditioner, brushes) and store it in the bathroom. That way each time you go to give your dog a bath, everything you need is right there.

7. Use an over the door organization to store your dog’s extra leashes and collars.

I LOVE to buy my dog cute and festive collars, bandannas, and leashes, but I don’t need all of them all of the time so they tend to pile up in heaps and mounds. Consider purchasing an over the door organizer and storing your pup’s extra accessories here.

8. Keep treats in a cute cookie jar.

Just like bags of dog food, boxes of dog treats lying around are unsightly and create additional clutter. Purchase a cute cookie or dog treat jar (or several) and stick them around the house for easy access.

9. Create a dog walking station near the front door.

Use shelves, hooks, or baskets to create a dog walking station near the front door. Here you can organize your leashes, collars, treats, and other supplies for easy access.

10. Get rid of old, worn toys, clothes, collars, leashes

Your dog’s old or destroyed toys just add clutter to your home. Go through their toys and other supplies at least once a year and pull out the toys that are too worn or are not used anymore. Donate them to a shelter if they are in good enough condition.


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      This was the sweetest thing anyone has ever said about my blog! It made me smile. Thank you so much for supporting me 🙂

  • Tara

    Great post! I’ve a jack russell and he’s toys are always lying around the place so I’ll have to try some of the tips you’ve mentioned above! Thanks for sharing x

  • Kate Brownell

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