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Six Dog Friendly Activities to Keep You Busy During Quarantine

Does this pandemic have you feeling down and out? Are you stuck inside your own home, bored with nothing to do and longing for the days when you could simply make a trip to the store or share a beer and some good food with your friends?

If so, stop right now. There’s no reason to feel bored or lament being stuck at home. Why, you ask? Well, because you’re here, reading my blog, you’re probably a dog mom or dad, right? And that means that you have a four legged friend who can keep you company in these stressful times and chances are, you might not be happy to be stuck inside, but they’re probably happy to have you home with them for once.

So next time you feel bored, next time you start think that there’s nothing to do consider some of these pet friendly activities to keep you busy.

Work on your obedience training, tricks, or agility work

There’s no better time to sharpen up your obedience work then when you’re stuck inside. Make it a point to spend a few minutes each day reviewing tricks that you’ve already begun to work on. Additionally, consider introducing one or two new tricks or skills each week. If you have the equipment, set up an agility course in your back yard and let your dog burn off some energy.

Go for walks

Keep you and your dog in shape by taking a half hour to an hour out of your day and devoting it to exercise. Play in the yard, run through the park, or spend some time strolling around the neighborhood. Daily walks will keep you and your dog at a healthy weight and help to burn off some extra energy which will reduce destructive behaviors like chewing, digging, or barking.

Spend some quality time together

Just take some time each day to sit with your dog. Give them a nice belly rub or massage or even read to your pup. If you’re feeling especially lazy, just take some time to lounge on the couch together. Your dog will appreciate even the simplest of times spent together.

Make your canine fabulous

All this free time means that now is the perfect time to get your dog in tip top shape. Take some time to groom then. Trim and dremel their nails if needed, clean their ears, and give them a nice, long bath so they’re looking and smelling their best.

Create together

Your dog might not be able to read, write, or paint, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t make something together. Check on Pinterest for some pet friendly crafts that you can complete while you’re stuck at home. You can create a DIY treat jar, toys, and bandannas. You can even get your dog involved in some of them using pet safe paint or ink and dabbing their paws on a canvas.

Get Organized

If you’re anything like me, you have pet supplies everywhere! If you’re stuck at home use your free time to organize your house and do some spring cleaning. Find some cute bins or baskets and organize your pet’s supplies so that you can find everything you need in the future. Don’t be afraid to organize your closet or do some deep spring cleaning either!

While it might not be fun to be stuck at home, all this extra free time is the perfect excuse to bond with your pets, friends, and family members and to start hobbies or get work done around the house that you usually don’t have the time for. If you’re bored, get creative. You’d be surprised at what all you can do with or without your dog.

How about you? How are you passing the time? Let me know in the comments below.

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