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Seven Tips for Bathing Your Dog.

Summer time means lots of fun for you and your dog, but it can also mean sand, grass, and lots of dirt and mud. In other words, after a day of fun and sun you can have a very, very dirty dog on your hands. Plenty of baths to clean up after all the fun are a natural part of summer, but for some dogs baths can be a very frustrating experience.

While some dogs may enjoy a nice scrub every once in awhile other dogs definitely dread it, shaking with fear every time they get within a few feet of the tub. Even if your dog does enjoy a good bath, bath time with the pooch can be a very difficult, time consuming, and messy experience. As a result I’ve compiled a list of tips and tips besides the old peanut butter on the wall trick that I have used to help make bath time simpler and get the most of out your bath time with you pet.

1. Bring all your supplies in the bathroom with you.

Before you bring your pup into the bathroom to be bathed gather all your bath time supplies. For us, that means grabbing a handful of towels, some brushes, dog shampoo and conditioner, and some treats. Whatever you need for your pup to ensure a smooth ride should already be there and handy before you start.

2. Invest in a handheld shower head.

If you don’t already have a handheld shower head installed in your tub or shower, you should. It was a total game changer for bathing our pups once we had one installed. The handheld shower head insures a complete soak for your pet while also making sure all the soap is rinsed from their coat when you are done. It’s a must have.

3. Bring a buddy in the bathroom.

I’ve noticed that Ivy and Bean, our pit bulls, are much more anxious when it comes to bath time, but strange enough one of the things that helps them to relax a little bit is to bring one of their fur siblings in their bathroom with them during bath time. Just the presence of a trusted friend seems to calm them enough so that bath time becomes manageable.

4. Bring in some treats with you.

If your dog is not TOO anxious or afraid you may be able to reward them for their good behavior during bath time with some treats. No matter what it’s always a good idea to have them handy.

5. Stand in the tub with them.

Bath time seems to make Bean especially anxious and another way I’ve found to help calm her down is by standing in the tub with her as she gets a good scrub down. Not only does it make the actual process of bathing her easier but it helps to calm her down and in my books that’s a win-win.

6. Brush your long-haired dog during and after the bath.

For our Golden, Cooper, we’ve gotten into the habit of brushing him as he’s being scrubbed and after he’s dried. It’s helped to leave his coat looking shiny and soft and helps to cut down on the tangles and overall messiness of his coat between grooming sessions.

7. Consider using a conditioner for your dog as well.

In addition to shampooing your dogs coat, you may want to invest in a good conditioner for your dog, especially if they have a long coat. It helps to keep their coat healthy and soft and moisturizes their skin and coat.

Some of my favorite shampoos to use:

I am a big fan of the Tropiclean brand for dogs. They are reasonably priced and they smell great too. Right now we use the Tropiclean Natural Flea and Tick Dog Shampoo as an extra barrier against fleas and ticks during the summer.

To use, you will want to wet your dogs coat and scrub into a good lather. Next, you will let the shampoo sit for a good five minutes and rinse.

For the rest of the year, we usually use the Triopiclean Berry scented shampoo, which has a refreshing strong scent.

I’m also a big fan of spraying my pups with Lucy Pet Products leave-in conditioner. It helps to moisturize your pet’s coat while leaving a nice refreshing scent behind. The leave-in conditioner comes in various scents including coconut, blueberry, tropical, and lavender.

Hopefully following these tips and tricks will make bath time easier and more enjoyable for you and your pups!

What do you do to make bath time easier? Drop a comment below! ??


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