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St. Patrick’s Day Accessories for Dogs

For pet parents and non-pet parents alike, St. Patrick’s Day is a fun, carefree holiday. For many people, Saint Patrick’s Day means green beer and parties all weekend. When St.Patrick’s Day rolls around the green and shamrocks are out in full force and everyone is a little bit sillier.

So how can you get your dog in on the action?

With some fun, St. Patrick’s day accessories of course!

Below, I have created a guide to all things St. Patrick’s day for you and your pooch and included a fun and easy recipe for some St. Patrick’s day treats for your dog. All of these adorable accessories come from my favorite Etsy shops (you should really check them out).

St. Patrick’s Day Treat

Because Bean loved it so much, I used the recipe from my Valentine’s Day post to make Bean’s St. Patrick’s day treat. I baked them in a cup cake tin and decorated them with dog friendly icing before decorating them with cute and festive rainbows and shamrock sprinkles. They were quick and easy to make and they came out adorable!


Download my printable accessory guide

Happy St. Patrick’s day! I hope you and your pooch’s weekend is fiilled with lots of love, laughter, and green beer!

Have a picture of your pup in their cutest St. patrick’s day gear. Share below in the comments ?


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