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Review of The Well Being Blogger’s “Start Living Today” Workbook

Recently, the lovely Vanessa from The Well Being Blogger gifted l me her e-book titled “Start Living Today.”

The work book was designed to be a great start for those of us who aren’t ready to work with a coach or psychologist, but still want to improve our lives.

I’m a very shy person and while I have given thought several times over the past couple months of meeting with a career coach and therapist, I haven’t felt like I’m ready quite yet. Because of this, I was super excited to get started on it and now I’m here to share my own thoughts on her workbook!

The first thing that I noticed when I opened Vanessa’s workbook was how easy it was to read and navigate. The e-book is colorful and fun and this makes it easy to scroll through it and work on the different exercises.

You can chose to work through the e-book digitally or you can print it out and work through it with paper and pencil so you can be more hands on! I have an easier time typing on the computer so I kept the work book open on my phone and typed up and created my work on Word!

In the “Start Living Today” workbook, Vanessa starts by having you identity the critical areas of your life. This was a lot more difficult than I thought it would be!

I had to put a lot of thought into what was most important to me and only me and not what others said should be important. It really gets you to evaluate yourself and your values and is a great way to start to get to know yourself on a deeper level. I eneded up with almost ten areas of my life that I defined as important to me.

Next, Vanessa’s workbook has you create a pie-chart with your work book to help visualize these areas. This was incredibly helpful for me as I love to work through things visually, but there is also plenty of space for you to write if this is more your style.

After I created my visual representation, the workbook had me work through and answer several big questions about each area of my life that I identified.

I started with my “career” first, because this is the area I’ve been struggling with the most recently.

The questions her work book has you answer are not easy questions to answer that you can give little thought to. Instead, they are questions that get you to dig deep and think critically about each area of your life.

These questions help to crstyalize your thoughts about each piece and reevaluate why you may have held these beliefs. Again, it gets you to think about your own answers, not the answers your mother, your peers, or co-workers might give.

I realized that when I was working through the questions that some of the beliefs I thought I held where not mine at all. It was liberating to get to voice my own thoughts and let go of those that had no place in my life.

The workbook also calls for you to make a list of concrete, actionable steps to achieve what you want in each area of your life and then visualize and work through what would be your ideal life. This was my favorite part because I often struggle with the “doing.” I easily get caught up in my own head and worries.

Overall, I was a big fan of the workbook. It was easy to use and read, and it helped me to get inside my own head and heart and past the thoughts that have always been big road blocks to helping me understand what I want in my life.

The work book helped me to better understand what was important to me and me alone. It helped to take a weight off of my shoulders and reminded me that I’m not weird for wanting some things that others don’t or valuing things that others might now. It’s a very personal experience, I can promise you that.

I definitely recommend the book to anyone looking to learn more about themselves or anyone who is struggling with where they are in life right now. The workbook helps you to see that you can make changes to have the life that you want and stop living in the future or the past so that you can starting living now.



  • Vanessa Dias

    Thank you so much for your lovely review, Rachel! It made me so happy that the workbook was useful and made you think things through! And well done to you for sitting down and writing everything – I believe that’s the first step to move us a step closer to the life of our dreams and the action that most of us postpone.

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