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Review of the Dapper Dog Box

So you have decided that you want to invest in a monthly box subscription for your dog. Or maybe you are not fully sold on the idea yet and are still shopping around and weighing your options.

One of the first things that you may have noticed while trying to decide which monthly dog box subscription you should buy your pooch is just how many options there are out there. Each monthly subscription is different and has its own unique combination of toys, treats, and other accessories tailored to your needs. The monthly subscription BarkBox is probably the most well known, but there are a variety of other options for pet moms and dads looking to spoil their fur babies.

To see the options that are available to you, check out urban taste bud’s “12 Best Monthly Dog Boxes” for a better idea of the variety and kind of options of subscription boxes that exist. His post does a great job of providing a short description of each box including the cost, what is included inside, and if there are any special features of the box.

One of the boxes that urban taste bud does break down is the Dapper Dog Box. I decided to purchase the Dapper Dog Box for my pup because one of the things that it includes that some of the other subscription boxes do not is a bandanna or bow tie accessory. As a lover of all things doggie fashion, this was an important element that I wanted in my subscription.

If you love accessories for pups I suggest the Dapper Dog Box as your monthly dog box subscription. Their bandana and bow tie designs are fun, colorful, and creative. I have not seen designs like these anywhere else. Your pooch will surely be the talk of the town with accessories from the Dapper Dog Box!

Another reason that I chose the Dapper Dog Box over its competitors is because $1 of every purchase goes to a rescue each month. While $1 may not seem like a lot, I appreciate any business who donates a part of its profit to charity, especially animal rescue.

So, what about the cost?

The Dapper Dog Box can be purchased as a single box, which costs $30. Additional subscriptions are as follows:

3 months= $78 ($26 a Box)

6 months= $144 ($24 a Box)

12 month $264 ($22 a Box)

I found the cost of the Dapper Dog Box to be about average. It was no more or no less expensive than its competitors. Most of the boxes are about $30.

All in all, these three factors lead me to purchase my very first dog box!

Signing up for the Box

Signing up for the Dapper Dog Box was a very easy process. One of the first options the company gives you is the “Heavy Chewer” option. For an additional $5, you receive only durable chew toys such as rubber, nylon, and rope toys. Selecting this option also gives you a 10 day guarantee. If your dog destroys a toy within 10 days, the Dapper Dog Box will replace it with no questions asked.

Another great thing I liked about the sign up process for the Dapper Dog Box was that it asked your dog’s gender, size, and if they have any known allergies. There are three options to chose from for allergies including grain, chicken, and beef. However, if your dog’s allergy is not listed you can email the company after sign up.

For the next few days, I patiently waited until my Dapper Dog Box arrived in the mail and once it did I have to admit I was more than pleased!

Here is everything I love about the Dapper Dog Box I received:

1. The toys are high quality and my pups love them!

My dog Bean can be very picky with her toys. To be honest, sometimes it is downright impossible to get her to play with toys at all. For awhile I stopped buying her new toys and would just focus on buying her bones to chew on because that seemed more her forte. I wasn’t even sure if she would bother with either of the toys in the box, but I am happy to say that Bean loves the Toucan toy! In addition to loving it, both it and the ball toy are durable toys for play for two rambunctious, young pit bulls! Two thumbs up!

2. The treats included are FANTASTIC!

None of my three dogs can get enough of the treats that are included in the Dapper Dog Box! They are ALWAYS begging for more! The first treat is Nutter Bites by Paws Barkery. They are all natural and made in the U.S. and my dogs go nuts over them (no pun intended). The other treats included in our Dapper Dog Box were Sally Snacks Jerky Treats in venison, lamb, and chicken. These treats were a fan favorite as well and can be purchased on their website. Overall, I would recommend the Dapper Dog Box just because of the treats included. They were healthy, natural, and clearly delicious. I will definitely be purchasing these treats for my pups again!

3. The accessory is adorable!

This month’s dog box included a mermaid bow tie for my pup. The accessory is absolutely adorable and as high quality as dog accessories come! The thing I love the most about this bow tie is the easy slide on straps on the back. You can easily slide this bow tie over a collar. I have never been more satisfied with an accessory for my girl!

4. Even the box is cute!

Was there anything from this company that wasn’t adorable?

Overall, I am highly satisfied with my Dapper Dog Box. This time around I only purchased a single month subscription, but I plan on purchasing a multiple month plan. For those of you who aren’t quite sold just yet on the Dapper Dog Box, I would still consider checking out their website. If you aren’t ready to buy a whole box, you are able to shop from their accessories, treats, and other box items. I have already purchased another mermaid bow tie for my other pup! There is something for every dog mom and dad within their monthly boxes and on their website alone. I already can’t wait to see what next month has in store!

Have you ever purchased a subscription box for your dog? Which one? What did you like about it? Leave a comment below!


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