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Review of PrintsField Dog Socks

Disclaimer: I have received a free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. 

As a dog mom, fashionista I’m always looking for new, fun, and exciting products to try. Whether they’re for myself or for Bean, I love getting to expand our dog themed wardrobes.

Recently, I was given the opportunity to try some personalized dog themed socks from PrintsField.

What made them extra cute and special? The fact that I got to put my favorite picture of Bean’s face on them. 

If you’ve never heard of Printsfield or if you have, but you’ve never tried their products before, this is your opportunity to check them out. From a technical side, the website was incredibly easy to navigate and mobile friendly. It wasn’t difficult to find the product I was looking for and personalize it. 

For dog moms, there’s an entire section of dog themed socks. You can choose from a variety of patterns from dog bones, to dog mom and dog dad socks, puppy socks, and just a great big mash up of your dog’s face.

Believe it or not, you can even personalize a pair of underwear, you know for that silly friend or family member or as a gag gift for your significant other. 

Beyond the dog products, they also have plenty of other customizable designs for him and for her including sports, gardening, hunting, movies, food, music, travel, and more.

Once I chose the product I wanted (I chose the bone design), I selected a color (mint green being one of my favorites but you can choose from red, yellow, green, pink, blue, and more), and a size, and easily uploaded the photo I wanted to be used for Bean’s face.

A few days later, I received my socks in the mail and I have to say they’re super cute. I love the color and they seem super durable. You can tell they’re made with quality material. I can’t wait to wear them around and maybe order a pair of dog mom socks or some pairs as gifts for all my dog mom friends next Christmas. 

I think these socks are honestly great, a must have for any dog mom who loves personalized items! One thing I will say is that the socks did run a little small. They still fit, but I would size up if I were you!

If you’re interested in giving them a try, use my code darlingdogmom20 for 20% off your order!

Happy shopping!

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