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Printable Guide to Safely Baking Dog Treats

If any of my fellow pet moms and dads are like me, then you are constantly trying out new dog treats. There are so many options to chose from now a days when it comes to dog treats and as a devoted pet parent I just can’t help but to spoil my pup.

When I first adopted Bean, I can admit I was not a very educated dog mom. I was okay with feeding her treats like Milk-Bone and Pup-Peroni on a regular basis. While low quality dog treats like these are okay every once in awhile, I have grown a lot in my knowledge of dog health and nutrition since then and believe that my dog deserves healthier and better tasting snacks.

Because my dogs’ happiness and health matters so much, when I go shopping for treats for my three dogs Bean, Ivy, and Cooper I always look for new, high quality treats that they will enjoy. From bigger box retailers, my pups enjoy Target’s peanut butter Buddy Biscuits and The Three Dog Bakery sandwich cookies.  If you are looking for dog treats made with human grade ingredients I suggest trying Grandma Lucy’s Organic Pumpkin treats. You can find them on and in many local health-centric pet shops. A final favorite of my furry pack is Nutro Crunchy. They have a variety of flavors, but my dogs really love the mixed berry treats. You can also find these dog treats on

While I do enjoy shopping for their snacks and exploring all the great options that pet stores and online retailers like have to offer, I also have an interest in baking and perhaps opening my own online dog bakery one day. Because of this interest I thought it would be important to dive in and begin to bake my own dog treats for my pups.

With the explosion of information on the internet, there are literally thousands of recipes to chose from. After exploring the web and Pinterest, I found a great website and blog called Gone to The Snow Dogs, which anyone with an interest in making their own dog treats should check out. They have tons of different and interesting dog treat recipes on there I wouldn’t have even dreamed to cook up! I know I am definitely going to give their frozen Strawberry Watermelon and DIY Dog Birthday Cake a try for Bean’s next birthday. Their blog also has a lot of product reviews for pet products that you might want to check out!

As an aspiring entrepreneur I want to be able to cook up my own unique recipes just like the masters of the adorable pups Shiloh the FurAngel, Shelby, Oakley, and Memphis in Gone to the Snow Dogs. However, I have never baked dog treats before and I had no idea where to start. After some careful consideration I determined my very own number one rule for baking for my pups:

1. Make sure your dog treats are safe for your dog.

The first part of baking or cooking for dogs or any animal is knowing which ingredients are safe for their consumption. So I did some research and compiled a printable list of both safe and unsafe ingredients for cooking and baking for dogs. This printable sheet I created serves as an easy guide that you can have with you any time you decide to whip up a batch of goodies for your special pup.

For those who don’t want to bake up their own dog treats, this printable sheet can serve as a guide to ensure that dog moms and dogs avoid feeding their pups any harmful foods.

However you decide to use this printable guide, I hope you find it helpful. And for those of you who decide to delve into baking treats for your furbabies I hope they enjoy their special treats you made for them with love.

What is your dog’s favorite treat? Leave a comment below 🙂


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