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If you’re anything like me, both reading and writing are a huge part of your life, but you often find yourself struggling to find time for reading. With life consumed by work, school, children, friends, or all of the above, making sure we set aside time each day to do the things that we enjoy the most can be insanely difficult.

When I was growing up, my nose was constantly pressed between the pages of a book. I was honestly always reading something. I took my favorite novels with me everywhere and I had time to spare to read them too. I couldn’t even begin to imagine the number of books I read through in a year! It was so easy when you had all the time in the world.

I love reading books

But with college and now a full time job, I have found less and less time is available for me to use for reading each day.

Truthfully, I find time MOST days, but not all. Some days are just too hectic or I chose to use my free time those days to catch up on the chores I’ve set aside during the rest of the week. Admittedly, some days I’m just too tired to do anything, even read.

But as I’ve gotten into the swing of balancing my personal life and having a full time job, I have learned some ways to make sure I get to enjoy my favorite past time as much as possible.

Using the tips I’ve provided below, you too will be able to enjoy reading more often and be able to more books this year than your thought previously possible!

So how do you find time to read?

1. Prioritize the books you want to read.

If you’re being honest with yourself, there are some books that you are dying to read as soon as possible and others that you are simply curious about.

When you don’t have a ton of free time for leisurely reading, it’s a good idea to prioritize which books you want to tackle first (that way you have more time to read them should you fall behind).

In addition, remember that some books just aren’t for you. Sometimes you’ll pick up a book and find out halfway through that it’s just not really grabbing your attention. When this happens, don’t feel guilty. Put the book down and start one you’re really excited about!

2. Make the most of your commute.

For some of us, our daily commute to work may consist of a train, subway, or a bus ride. The great thing about this is that means that time is now yours. You are no reason to pay attention to the road or the tracks.

When I commuted to work on the bus, I noticed that most people used this time for sleeping, listening to music, or aimlessly scrolling on their phones. However, I found that my commute was a great time to crack open my latest book, especially in the mornings when the bus was much quieter.

3. Wake up earlier each day.

Even though it only takes me a few minutes to get ready for work in the morning, I always make sure to wake up a full hour before I have to leave to make it to work on time.

Having this extra forty five minutes each morning gives me time to relax and enjoy my morning before work. In addition, I always spend a good fifteen to twenty minutes each morning reading. Having this extra time each morning is a real game changer.

4. Use up your spare moments.

Especially at work there are some moments when I just have nothing to do or when I need to take a step back and give myself a mental break from the stress of work. These spare moments are a great way to spend five or ten minutes reading.

5. Utilize your breaks.

If you’re like me, part of your work day entails taking two fifteen minute breaks. Sometimes I use this free time to simply relax, but more often than not I utilize my breaks to give myself some extra time to read.

With these tips I hope you are able to find more time in your day to read. You can even use these tips for making time for other hobbies you enjoy!

How do you make time for the things you love to do? Leave a comment below ?


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  • Kiarra

    I love your tips for reading more! I read somewhere that successful people read like over 50 books a year! I think that’s a lot. I want to start reading more self-help books, books about success and investing. Thanks for posting this though, I definitely intend to read more this year.

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