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How To Throw An Awesome Birthday Party For Your Dog

When you were growing up chances are that your parents often threw you fun and exciting birthday parties. They was plenty of cake, plenty of pizza, and definitely plenty of fun.

But now it’s not only acceptable to throw your little ones an over the top party, but to have a party in your dog’s honor as well!

When your pup’s birthday or Gotcha Day rolls around this year, consider throwing them a party of their own for an extra special celebration.

But how do you make sure you’re throwing the best puppy party possible? Check out my tips and ideas below to find out how to throw an awesome puppy party!

1. Invite all their best fur friends and their favorite humans.

If you dog loves to meet new friends or has a few dogs he often plays or goes on walks with, invite them over for your pup’s celebration. (Note: throwing your dog a party with other dogs or strangers around is not a good idea if your dog is shy, fearful, or reactive. You want your dog to have fun and enjoy himself, not be stressed out! You also want to be sure your dog, you, and all your guests are safe).

You can send out cute, dog themed invitation cards to your pup’s friends and send along some invites for their owners as well. Feel free to invite anyone else who loves your dog as much as you do!


2. The Decorations.

No birthday party would be complete without a ton of fun birthday decorations. Hang up a few colorful birthday banners, blow up some balloons, and sprinkle some of this awesome dog themed confetti from ChirpyLovesPaper on Etsy around the house or backyard.

Source: ChirpyLovesPaper Etsy Shop

You can also use some colorful streamers to add some extra fun. Bonus points if you incorporate your favorite photos or polaroids of your dog into your decorations.

3. Bake a dog friendly cake (and a human friendly one).

In addition to decorations, a birthday cake is a must have if you are planning on throwing your dog an awesome party. Check out some dog friendly cake recipes. You can find some on dog recipes and treats board on Pinterest.

You can also stop by your local bakery. They just might be willing to whip up a dog friendly recipe for you or you may be lucky enough to live near a dog speciality bakery. Be sure to pick up a cake for you and your human guests as well.

4. Stuff Kongs for all the four legged guests.

A fun way to keep all the dogs entertained during your party and provide an extra treat is to stuff and freeze up some delicious Kongs for each of your guests.

Be sure to check with the other pet parents before handing them out. Just like humans, one of your four legged guests may have an allergy to one of the ingredients or may be watching his weight. Refrain from giving out extra special treats unless the dog’s mom says it’s OK.

 5. Keep toys everywhere!

Keep the dogs occupied and the fun rolling by providing plenty of options for toys for your guests. Balls, ropes, snuggle mats, and other chew toys are great options.

If your are hosting an outdoor summer puppy party, leave out a few baby pools full of water for the pups who love to romp around.

6. If your guests bring gifts-ask them to donate them to a local animal shelter.

If you are anything like me, then you probably spoil your dog way too much. Chances are your dog already has a ton of toys, treats, and doggie fashion items laying around. If this is the case and any of your guests want to bring gifts or ask if gifts are required, suggest to them that they should instead donate these gifts or make a monetary donation to a local shelter in your dog’s name.

7. Make treat bags with homemade treats to take home.

Another way to make your pup’s party extra special is by providing cute treat bags for your guests to go home with at the end of the day.

You can pick up treat bags at your local grocery or party store or you could use a waste baggie to hold your treats for each of your guests. Fill the baggies with some delicious homemade treats.

You can also chose to fill your bag with a small toy, bully stick, dental chew, pig ear, or any other fun treats that you think your dog may enjoy. The budget for your treat bags is set entirely by you. Keep it simple or make it extravagant. Just be sure to have fun!

Hopefully these ideas for throwing an awesome puppy party for your dog make your dog’s party fun and memorable!

Have you ever thrown a puppy party for your dog? What do you do to make it extra special?

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