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How to Take Great Pictures of Your Dog

If you’re anything like me, you LOVE to take pictures of your dogs. If I’m being honest, the majority of the photos on my phone are pictures of my pup and my cats. Having photos of them brightens my day and is a great way to ensure that I can remember them when they’re no longer around.

But as much as I love to take pictures of my pets, it can really be a pain sometimes. It’s often dark and gloomy in Pittsburgh, so finding a good day to take pictures is tough enough. When it’s finally sunny and bright out, my dogs are super uncooperative and just want to run and play and absolutely refuse to even glance at the camera.

So after years of owning my dog, I’ve learned some ways to make taking her picture easier and found some tips for better looking pictures.

I’ve shared them with you below!

Tips for taking great photos of your dog:

1. Use a great camera.

Of course, if you want great photographs you have to have a good camera.

Most of us just take our pictures with our phones and that’s okay as well. Most phone camers take pretty high quality pictures these days.

If a quality camera is out of your budget, download and try some photo editing apps to make the pictures you take on your phone even better. Personally, I like VSCO and Snapseed, but there are a ton of options out there!

2. Use backdrops and lighting.

Backdrops and lighting will make sure that your photographs look as professional as possible. Backgrounds are also a great way keep that ugly couch or coffee stained table out of your pictures.

Using lighting will also help to keep your photosgaphs bright no matter how dark or cloudy it is.

3. Use props.

Add some additional flare to your photos with some props! If it’s Christmas time, add a tree and some presents. Hay bales and pumpkins are great for the fall. Colorful Easter eggs, flowers, and pastels are great for Spring. Balloons, flower crowns, blankets, and decorative pillows are all great ways to add extra touches to your dog’s photos and really make them pop. Just make sure that any prop that you use is safe for your dog.

4. Tire your dog out with a walk before you begin.

If you want your dog to behave during your photo shoot, remember the old adage: a tired dog is a good dog. Your dog will likely listen if they aren’t a rambunctious ball of energy. Before you plan to take photographs, take them on a loop around the neighborhood.

5. Brush up on your commands.

If you want your dog to sit or lay or pose in any other fashion during your photoshoot, it’s a good idea to always work on those commands. Training your dog will build the bond between you two and will reinforce any prior learning.

Remember though, that your dog is not a robot and they will probably never listen 100% of the time.

6. Use your dog’s favorite toy or yummy treats to get their attention.

One of the hardest parts about taking photographs of dogs is getting them to actually look at the camera! While I am a huge fan of a great candid (you know those photographs where you just happen to catch your dog in the moment), sometimes you just want to see your dog’s pretty face.

When taking pictures of your dog have someone stand behind the camera and squeak away at that favorite toy of theirs or draw their attention by dangling a yummy treat before their eyes. While there’s no guarantee it will work every time, it manages to do the trick for the most part.

Hopefully, by following these tips, the next time you sit down to take photographs of your dog you will find it to be a breeze. And hopefully the pictures turn out great as well!

What do you do to make taking pictures with your dog as easy as possible? What do you add to make your photographs really pop?

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