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How To Find the Best CBD Products For Your Dog

Disclosure: I did receive a free product in exchange for my honest review.

With all the hype surrounding CBD products lately, you may have considered using it for yourself or for your dog. Users of CBD oils and capsules claim that the miracle drug can do just about anything. From reducing anxiety to curing pain, there seems to be no shortage of miraculous benefits.

But are the claims true? And if so what should you look for in a product to make sure it’s safe for your pup?

What is CBD oil?

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is the oil derived from hemp or marijuana plants. CBD is naturally occurring and will NOT produce a high. There are plenty of claims that CBD products can reduce anxiety, ease pain, help you to quit smoking, fight cancer, and even treat epilepsy and acne.

Many dog owners chose to incorporate CBD products into their dog’s diets to treat anxiety, ease stomach discomfort, or to ease arthritic and others forms of pain in senior dogs.

What should I look for?

CBD products generally come as oils, capsules, or treats for dogs. Depending on your dog’s needs and what you are looking to accomplish, it’s important that you do some research on these products before buying.

Of course, like human products, not all of these CBD supplements are created equally and some products may be better suited for treating pain while others will be more beneficial for helping to ease anxiety.

It’s most important to remember that when you are looking to purchase a CBD product for your dog that it is made specifically for canines. Avoid giving your dog any CBD products made for human consumption.

These products for dogs should be made with CBD derived from hemp. Hemp derived CBD does not contain the chemical THC, responsible for the “high” humans users feel when using marijuana products.

THC containing products can be harmful to dogs and even fatal in small doses.

When giving products containing CBD, it’s also important that you follow any and all dosing instructions.

If you are weary of giving these products, but want to explore the possible health benefits, consult with your veterinarian first.

Will it really help my dog?

In short, yes. There’s not much scientific research on the effects of CBD products on dogs, but plenty of owners, including me, swear by the benefits of these products. I’ve used CBD products in the past to help ease Bean’s anxiety and reactivity and have certainly noticed a difference in her behavior on the CBD oil. When she is given her dose daily, she is more relaxed and it’s definitely easier to get her to focus on training, and less on her fears.

What products do you recommend?

In the past, I’ve used Innovet products, which are 100% hemp derived and formulated for dogs, cats, and horses. Innovet products are great for mood regulation and the treatment of anxiety. Innovet sells oils, treats, supplements, and capsules. One of my favorite features of Innovet is their dosage calculator which helped me to be sure I was giving the right dose when I was still learning about these products.

Recently, our Golden, Cooper was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia. As a result, our family has been looking to find the best joint supplements to help treat his pain and help him gain back some of his strength.

While researching some products, I was gifted a free trial of CannaBiDog, which is also 100% derived from hemp and comes in easy to dose chewable tablets. Their website has plenty of great information on CBD, it’s benefits, and dosing guides to help you out.

Picture of my dog, Cooper.

I was specifically gifted their Joint Formula, to maintain healthy hips, joints, and cartilage, perfect for a dog suffering from hip dysplasia. The bottle contained an easy to understand dosing guide as well.

 Bottle of CannaBiDog joint supplements for dogs.

What I really liked about the CannaBiDog products was the fact that our picky dog gobbled these beef flavored chews right up. Normally, our picky eaters refuse most chewable tablets and I’m forced to cut or grind them up. I was really pleased to see that all of my dogs would eat these freely.

While Cooper has been on joint supplements previously and we have noticed an increase of strength in his legs, I like that this product contains pain fighting CBD. Since starting this product, Cooper has been able to go on longer walks, something that he has definitely been missing out on.

For now, I’ll continue giving Cooper the CannaBiDog chews and continue exploiting CBD products and all the amazing health benefits they have to offer.

Do you use CBD products? If so, drop a comment below!

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