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Firework Safety Tips for Dogs.

The Fourth of July can be a terrifying and dangerous time for dogs and owners alike. Not only do many dogs fear the thunderous sounds of the fireworks, but dog moms and dads worry that their frightened pups will run off and never be seen again. In fact, more dogs go missing on the Fourth of July than any other night in America.

So how can you ensure a safe holiday for your pet?

1. Walk your dog before the fireworks.

A tired dog is a well behaved dog. In the case of the 4th of the July, a tired dog is more relaxed as well. Taking your dog for a nice, long walk before the fireworks start will make sure your pooch is tired and relaxed. Once the parties start, your pup will be too tired to make a run for it. Of course, as we are in the middle of summer make sure the weather is acceptable for a long walk. Try to wake up early and walk you pup before the heat really starts.

2. Make it a night in for you and your dogs.

One of the biggest mistakes pet owners make on the 4th of July is assuming their pooch wants to join in on the festivities and bringing their dogs to the firework shows where they are easily frightened and take off. To keep your dog safe, make it a night at home for you and your family. Ensure the doors and windows are shut so that your dog can not escape even if they are spooked by all the noise.

3. Ensure your pet is wearing a collar with updated information.

In the unfortunate event that your dog does manage to escape on the holiday, it helps to make sure that your pet had been wearing a collar with I.D. tags on. The tags should have your most updated contact information printed on them. If your pet is not microchipped, consider getting it done before the holiday. This will make it easier to locate you if your dog is found after getting out.

4. Make your pet feel as safe as possible.

To make your pet feel safe, create a space for them that is just their’s. Do they have a favorite bed or space in the house to lay on? Fill that space with their favorite toys and treats to help keep them busy during the fireworks show. If they are kept busy they are less likely to notice the show outside. It may even be a good idea to buy them a new version of their favorite bone or toy for the night. If your pet is especially anxious, you may want to consider crating them for a few hours as an extra precaution.

5. Avoid bathroom breaks in the middle of the show.

Make sure to take your pooch to the potty BEFORE the fireworks begin. If your pet can manage to hold it for the duration of the fireworks show I recommend avoiding outdoor bathroom breaks as this is the perfect chance for fireworks to spook your dog and have him get loose.

6. Drown out the sound of fireworks with other noises.

Instead of letting your pet listen to the scary fireworks all night, try to grab their attention with more pleasant sounds. You can turn up the TV, a fan, a noise maker, or play some dog friendly music.

7. Try calming supplements.

You can also consider supplementing your dogs diet with calming supplements the day of the 4th to help alleviate anxiety. A favorite of mine is Bach’s rescue remedy which has always helped to alleviate some of Bean’s anxiety in extra stressful situations.

Bach Rescue Remedy Pet, 20 ml

As pet moms and dads we want our dogs to be as safe as possible on the 4th. It’s important to be aware of the dangers of the holiday and how to combat the possibility of a missing pet. Hopefully following the tips will ensure that your pet stays safe this holiday and spends it right where they belong-with you.

How do you keep your pet calm during the fireworks? Drop a comment below!?


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