Finding Inspiration During Creative Slumps

Anyone who writes, blogs, or creates art knows that the creative slump is always inevitable. The creative slump is like the little demon that sits on our shoulders, casting its shadow over our work and whispering doubts in our ears.

Sometimes you can sit down in front of the monitor or in front of your canvas, eager and ready to work on your latest project, only to find your eyes glazing over a few moments later while your mind goes completely blank.

Sometimes these slumps will only last an hour or two, while other times they seem to drag on for days, even for weeks.

With deadlines for creative projects looming, creative slumps are down right dreadful.

So what can you do to help push through these creative roadblocks next time you find yourself in one?

Below I have shared with you some of the tips and tricks that I use to help find inspiration in my worst slumps.

1. Realize that it’s okay to step back and take breaks.

Often times, when we find our creatives wells have dried up, the first thing that we do is berate and criticize ourselves for our lack of inspiration. But sometimes it just isn’t there and other times our lack of creativity may stem from mental and physical exhaustion or burn out.

If you truly are struggling that much remind yourself that it’s okay to not always be able to get yourself to write and create. We only have so much mental energy every day. Sometimes it really is just for the best to step back and give yourself a much needed break. Go for a walk. Read a book. Watch some TV. Let yourself recharge.

2. Go for a walk through nature.

Oftentimes, I find my best inspiration and ideas when I am out in the world, enjoying the beauty of nature. If I am ever truly struggling to come up with ideas, I’ll strap on my sneakers and hit the pavement or trails. The sun and fresh air does wonders for my state of mind and oftentimes I come up with at least one good idea while walking.

3. Look to your own life for inspiration.

When writing blog posts, I often think back on my own life and my own questions and struggles for inspiration. What is going on in my life right now that I could write about? What problems am I having? What questions do I need answered? Sometimes you can find inspiration in the most mundane things.

4. Keep a journal with you.

Always keep a journal with you! That way if you come up with any ideas during the course of your day you can write them down for later. When you are struggling, open up your journal and read through your ideas there. Your journal can be an awesome source of inspiration.

5. Listen to music.

I like to listen to music when I’m writing or creating. Music helps to inspire me. If I’m feeling adventurous I will listen to some rock. If I need to write something serious I’ll turn on a classical radio station and let the music move me.

6. Read a book or devour other art.

Whether you are a writer or an artist, sometimes we can find inspiration in the work of others. Perhaps you have always wanted to write fantasy. Crack open some Tolkien. If you are an artist, visit your local art museum and search for inspiration there.

7. Work out your frustrations.

If you are ever truly struggling to create, sit down in front of that computer and slam out a few sentences or a paragraph. The work probably won’t be great, but at least you have managed to get over that road block. When nothing else seems to work I will write anything, however terrible, just to prove to myself that I can write.

So there you have it! Hopefully these tricks will help you get over your own creative slump so that you can get back to doing what you love best!


Do you struggle with creative road blocks? If so how do you get over them? Leave a comment below!

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