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Easter Fun For Dog Moms

Spring is in the air, the temperatures are warmer, the days are longer, and the flowers are blooming.

You know what that means, right?Easter is right around the corner!

While many of us don’t do anything too special for Easter (church and dinner with the family, maybe an Easter egg hunt), that doesn’t mean that Easter is any less fun to celebrate. There are tons of cool ways to have some fun this Easter season for both you and your dog.

So if you’re looking for some fun ways to celebrate this holiday, check out my Easter Fun for dog moms below:

1. Go on an Easter egg hunt with your dog.

Many communities will host Easter egg hunts for local families, but did you know that some communities and pet businesses will host Easter egg hunts for dog owners?

If you didn’t know about Easter egg hunts for dogs you do now! Do some research and see if anyone in your community is hosting an Easter egg hunt for dogs and register.

Just make sure that your dog would be comfortable at such an event before hand!

And if your community doesn’t host a hunt for pups. create one yourself! Instead of filling your eggs with candy and chocolate, fill them up with yummy dog treats and scatter them around your yard or house for your pup to find! Make sure that the eggs you fill are big enough that your pup cannot accidently swallow them. If this is your dog’s first hunt, keep the eggs in relatively easy places to find until they catch on. When your dog finds one of his prizes be sure to praise him!

2. Put together an Easter basket for your dog.

Putting together an Easter basket for your child can be a fun way to celebrate the holiday. This year, create one for your dog as well. You can fill their basket with all their favorite treats, a toy or two, and something fun to chew on.

If you love to fill your baskets with the colorful plastic grass, be sure to substitute it with paper grass or tissue paper. Plastic grass can be dangerous if ingested by your dog!

3. Take pictures with the Easter bunny.

A few of our local shelters have pictures with Santa during Christmas-Time and will also host pictures with the Easter bunny during the spring.

Usually they require a small donation ($5-$15) for a great picture of your dog. It’s a cute memento to have around each year!

4. Find some cute Easter or spring themed accessories for your dog.

If you’re a doggie fashionista, scour Etsy for some cute spring and Easter themed collars, bow ties, and bandannas for your pup. There’s an endless array of shops on Etsy you can browse through (I really like SandyPawsCollarCo and SaintJamesandCo).

5. Paint puppy themed Easter Eggs

Instead of dyeing your eggs this year, paint them! You can opt for some cute puppy themed designs (paw prints or a pet portrait) or you can get creative in other ways! Just be sure to have fun.

How do you like to celebrate Easter? Do you do anything special with your pup?


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