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Check out Bean’s New Favorite Treats

We received a free product in exchange for our honest review.

A few weeks ago, Bean and I were lucky enough to be approached by an awesome company on Twitter called Hound House Treats. Looking to spread the word about their product, the owner reached out to me to send over a free sample for Bean to try.

Since I can never say no to a free thing and because I’m always looking to give new treats a try, I was eager to say yes.

We received our sample pouch in the mail a few days later and I knew as soon as I opened that pouch that Bean was going to love her treats. She gobbled them down right away and was begging for more. On my end, the treats smelled and looked fresh. There was no doubt in my mind that I was giving her something wholesom.

The samples came in chicken, turkey, and salmon jerky and I chose salmon because I know how much Bean loves fishy flavors.

Hound House treats are made with 100% natural premium made and USDA certified in ingredients. They’re made in the USA with no preservatives, no hormones, artificial flavors, or added antibiotics. These treats are pure protein which means I know I’m giving my dog the best. I’ll definitely be trying these again!

If you want to learn more about Hound House Treats or try some of their products, check out their website. 

Oh and here’s a picture of Bean loving on her new treats 🙂

Bean honestly couldn’t get enough!

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