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Beach Bag Must Haves For Dog Moms

Going to the beach can be one of the most relaxing and fun ways to spend a summer day. The sun is hot and the water is cool and there are plenty of fun activities for both you and your pooch. If your dog loves the sun and sand as much as you do, check out my post on the top four destinations for a dog friendly vacation.

And if you’re heading off to the beach with your pup this year make sure you have all the necessary supplies to have a safe, fun, and happy vacation. Make sure your dog has the right food, all his medications, and any extra supplies that ensure your dog is safe (such as a gate) and comfortable (his favorite toy, bed, or blanket).

Each day you head down to the water’s edge, you probably pack a beach bag full of supplies too. Make sure that your bag has everything that both you and your pup need for the day. Check out my guide below for everything a dog mom needs in her bag for a day at the beach.

1. Sunglasses.

Find your cutest pair to help protect your eyes from the harmful sun’s rays. If you normally wear glasses, invest in a fashionable pair of prescription sunnies.

2. Water and a collapsible bowl.

Days spent out in the hot sun, sand, and salty water can be hard on your body. Be sure to pack plenty of water for both you and your dog to stay hydrated. Consider freezing some bottles the night before for cool water that will keep under the hot sun. To save space, pack a collapsible water bowel for your dog in your bag as well.

3. Sunscreen.

The sun can wreak havoc on our skin and no one likes to leave the beach with a nasty burn. Be sure to purchase sunscreen that has at least 30 SPF. And don’t forget sunscreen for your dog as well. The sun’s rays can be just as harmful for your pooch. Check out for a wide variety of dog sunscreens.

4. A snack.

Romping around under the sun and in the water can leave you feeling pretty tired, pretty fast. Be sure to pack a nutritional and energy packed snack in your beach bag. Consider packing dried fruit or nuts. And be sure to bring a long a snack and some treats for your dog as well. Treats are good to help reward desired behaviors on the beach and packing a ration of dog food in your bag will help your pooch from getting too hungry throughout the day.

5. Beach towels.

Pack some beach towels for you and your dog to lounge on to protect your skin against the hot, gritty sand.

6. A book.

For those moments when both you and your dog want to relax, throw in your latest read, lay back, and enjoy the warm summer day.

7. A waterproof dog toy.

After you spend some time relaxing, your dog is bound to be ready to play around the waves. Consider bringing a fun, waterproof dog (such as a ball or Frisbee) for your dog to play with on the beach.

8. A spare leash and collar.

The sand and salt water can easily destroy or soil your dog’s collar or leash, so be sure to pack some extras.

9. A hat.

Protect that beautiful face from the sun’s harmful UV rays with a cute wide-brimmed hat or ball cap.

10. A cute beach cover up.

In addition to wearing a hat, a beach cover up is a good way to protect your skin and give yourself a break from all that sun. Browse your local boutiques for a cute and functional cover up.

11. An umbrella.

When it gets too hot or the sun starts to burn, it’s a good idea to have an umbrella and some nice, cool shade to crawl under and cool off a little. Your dog is bound to get hot while spending a day at the beach, so make sure he has somewhere to go to cool off if it gets to be too much.

What do you always have in your beach bag? What do you pack for your dog? Leave a comment below

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