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Review of Everything Doggo Bandannas

As a dog mom fashionista, I am always on the look out for new pet fashions and new brands that provide quality, fashionable products for my pet. While I already have a few favorites (Check out SandyPawsCollarCo and SaintJamesandCo on Etsy), it never hurts to try something new.

While I was scrolling through Instagram one day, I came across a brand called Be Like My Doggo and entered Bean to be a model for their Everything Doggo bandannas.

I was so happy when she was accepted, because now I could try a new product and show off Bean in her new fashions. After looking through the website a few times,  I ordered three of the bandannas (rainbow, tulip, and sunflower patterns) and waited until they arrived.

The bandannas arrived in an unassuming plastic shipper and so I was surprised when I opened them to find them so lovingly wrapped in tissue paper. There was also a business card and a nice personal message written on the invoice.

Upon first inspection, the bandannas were pretty high quality. I loved the way that they were sewn together. They looked neat and clean and best of all I loved the patterns even more in person than I had when I was looking online. They even had the companies cute little logo sewn directly onto the bandanna. The fabric was clean, vibrant, and best of all it looks pretty immune to any fraying (a common problem I have in some of my bandannas).

Honestly, I was not looking to fall in love with them as much as I did. I’ve tried a ton of bandannas and pet fashion companies since I adopted Bean three years ago and many of them I was disappointed in. I tried making my own bandannas for awhile (of course that was a fail). I’m not very crafty with the sewing machine.

But I DID love them, a lot. And when my sister saw the way that they looked on my dog she went and bought some for her own dog as well.

My only problem with the bananas were that they ran a little large. However, this was easily fixed as even when I folded them over a bit they still looked great. And to be honest, I would rather they run a little large than small.

Overall I LOVED these bananas because:

  1. They were a great, quality product.
  2. There were plenty of pattern option.
  3. They came in a personalized, loving package.
  4. They look great on my dog!

Everything Doggo has tons of great, colorful patterns. There are plenty of floral patterns, rainbow patterns, seasonal, and even Game of Thrones patterns (which will certainly be my next purchase). Below I have shared some of my favorite patterns for you.

So if you’re interested in trying out Everything Doggo bandannas use my code: DARLING15 for a discount. And if you do purchase one, please share a picture of your dog in the comments below or tag me on Instagram at We would love to see your dog in adorable fashions!

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