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5 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Dog Moms

I used to HATE Valentine’s Day. As a young, single woman it was just another reminder that I was perpetually alone. I hated watching all the happy, beautiful couples gallivant around town, holding hands, exchanging kisses and love, and just generally rubbing their happiness into the rest of everyone else’s miserable faces. But then of course, I got a dog and Bean became my forever valentine. Now, I have a love to come home to every year.

A picture of Bean and I.
Bean and I do everything together, including hiking.

And yes, it may just be a cheesy holiday invented by the card companies to make more money, but I can’t help but enjoy it now. It’s a cute and fun celebration that reminds me just how much love I’m blessed with. Since I’ve adopted Bean I’ve made it a tradition to make a big deal out of the holiday and to shower her with gifts, treats, and love-in the way only a dog mom can.

Of course, I know I wouldn’t mind receiving a gift or two, and the gifts that will always mean the most to me are the ones that remind me of the greatest joy in my life; my dog. Your dog mom just might feel the same. 

So whether you’re celebrating with your friends, your family, the love of your life, or just your pet, if you’re in the market for some fun, here are some gift ideas for the dog mom in your life. 

For the baker.

For the baker in your life, try one of these adorable personalized pet cookie cutters. They will cost you about $27.00, but they’re worth every penny. 

Personalized dog cookie cutters.

Image Courtesy of BakersStreetCutters

For your hard worker.

For the working woman in your life, gift her with a cute pet themed accessory for her desk. You can purchase a custom pet calendar, frame some photos of her furbaby, or purchase one of these awesome metal sculptures of her favorite breed. 

Wire dog sculpture.

Image Courtesy of Wire Accents. 

For the cuddle bug.

Do you and your sweetheart look forward to weekends spent sleeping in or cuddling on the couch together while you watch your favorite movies? If that sounds like your love, consider a personalized blanket with her pet’s face on it. Cute and cuddly? Check!

Dog blanket.

Image courtesy of MyFaveGift

For the fashion savy.

For the trendy dog mom, consider some awesome personalized accessories. You can purchase her a pillow replica of her pet or personalize a necklace, scarf, phone case, or umbrella with fun cartoon versions of her furever friend. You can also try these cute socks from Personalization Mall. 

Dog socks.

Image Courtesy of Personalization Mall. 

For the smarty pants.

Does you dog mom always have her nose in a book? Is she always looking to learn? Is she super curious about everything. A DNA kit to test her dog’s breed will make an awesome gift for the scientific rescue dog mama in your way. And the best part? If you sign up for their newsletter, you can receive 10% of your purchase. 

Wisdom Panel DNA test.

Image courtesy of Wisdom Panel.

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